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Second Bike Work Party Done!

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There was another work party last weekend. About 30 bikes were transferred by the trusty white pickup. One count put the number of total bikes we have at about 90! We are looking to have 50-60 ready to roll and be sold at the ReCycle event.  Check out the Bikes! page to see newly finished bikes that will be available.



Parts Order has Arrived

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Parts Order has Arrived

Grips, tires, chains, pedals, shifters and tubes!

First Work Party has happened! Yay Dads!

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A bunch of dads got together yesterday for the first official bicycle work party. Out came the buckets and scrub brushes. Bikes were cleaned and the assessments began. Three bikes made it to the work stand and were readied for sale. Progress is happening. But we need more bike donations. If anyone knows someone with a pretty decent bike that is just hanging around please, let them know they can donate it to a great cause- Harding Elementary School.  I took some photos of the bikes on hand that had been cleaned.There are lots more bikes and I will add photos as I can.

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Creating a Neighborhood Network of Parent Cycling Champions

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School Bike Parking

We’ve thought about this kind of thing and it is SO nice to see a community that actually rallied together and got it done at their local school. It does sound like their particular school has a whole lot more resources than Harding. Maybe there are some parents out there who are inspired to tackle this one.

Creating a Neighborhood Network of Parent Cycling Champions.

Some of the Bikes that will be Available

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