Begun in 2011, the Harding ReCycle is a Dad’s Club fundraising event to benefit Harding Elementary School. We collect bicycles as tax deductible donations. The bikes are scrubbed clean and, when needed, given new chains, saddles, brakes, tires, tubes, wheels, handlebar grips, and/or brake cables. These bikes have been gone over thoroughly and put into working order by one of our experienced and skilled dads. For a very reasonable price you and your family can ride any one of these bikes off the yard and onto a new adventure.


The event has grown and this year we expect to have more than 50 youth and adult bikes to choose from across a wide range of  sizes and styles. The prices range from $20 for basic kids’ bikes up to $200 for name-brand, high-quality adult bikes. Plenty of bikes are priced within this range with the average price of an adult bike around $75. We aim to provide reliable used bikes at a price below what you would normally pay for a used bike in today’s market. Occasionally we come across a rare gem that is lovingly restored. Rare, collectible, or specialty bikes are priced according to market value.

The Harding ReCycle is also a community event where we celebrate the simplicity and joy that bikes can bring to our lives. You don’t need to be in the market for a bike to come to the event. If you have a bike, but it needs a little grease to calm a squeak, air in the tires or a new inner tube, bring it by and the mechanics will take a look. Looking for your child to gain some confidence on her or his bike? Riding on the wide open blacktop of the school yard is great training. Easy as well as more challenging obstacle courses will also be set up for all types of riders. The El Cerrito Police Department Bike Patrol officers have become a regular fixture at the event, sharing with kids the tools they use and skills required to be a bike patrol officer.

From 2014 onward we’ve added a taco truck so you can refuel while pedaling around. As this is a fundraiser for the students of Harding Elementary, we also hold a raffle for a brand new youth bike. The winning raffle ticket is drawn at 12pm.



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