Month: April 2016

6th Annual Harding ReCycle

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Please help spread the word about the 2016 Harding ReCycle on May 21st at Harding Elementary (7230 Fairmount Ave., El Cerrito). Our work parties are underway and we aim to have yet again a great selection of affordable refurbished used bikes.

6th Annual Harding ReCycle
Used Bicycle Sale and Festival

What:  Used Bike Sale and Bicycle Festival
Where: Harding Elementary School (7230 Fairmount Ave., El Cerrito)
When:  Sat., May 21st, 9am-1pm
Who: Harding students, families, friends, the entire El Cerrito community, and anyone else interested in bicycling fun.

What is the Harding ReCycle?

The Harding ReCycle is a bicycle festival where you can 

  • buy a “ReCycled” bicycle refurbished by the Harding Dad’s Club bike mechanics
  • get basic repairs on your bike for free
  • learn how to make repairs yourself
  • bring or borrow a bike and ride our obstacle course
  • compete in the “Slowest Bike Race”
  • learn how to ride without training wheels

Buy a $2 raffle ticket to be entered in a raffle for a brand new kids bike valued at $350.  Buy your ticket at the event or before school on May 18, 19 or 20. 

Donations Still Being Accepted

We will accept donations of used bicycles up to and including the day of the Harding Recycle. Arrange for your donation to be picked up from your home by emailing, or bring it to the event on May 21st.