More deliveries, including the raffle bike

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[2014 Event Archive]

Picked up a nice 20″ wheel Mongoose today. You can barely make it out in the photo below. It’s behind the bright green Raleigh Rowdy. The mongoose is a very nice older kids bike that has some good bike mojo. Good bike mojo is when a bike has been ridden, loved, and enjoyed by more than one rider. This usually means it’s been well maintained and will continue to serve new riders into the future. The 20″ Mongoose will complement the 16″ Mongoose mini Viper donated yesterday. It also has good bike mojo. Four different kids rode it as their first bike without training wheels.

This set up makes a Yakima car rack obsolete for transporting bikes short distances.

It’s next to the Raleigh Rowdy that we’ll be raffling off (buy your raffle tickets before/after school on Thursday and Friday or on the day of the ReCycle). Blue Heron Bikes, a great bike shop specializing in cargo bikes, family bicycling, and youth bikes, helped us out by giving us a great deal on the bike. The winner of the raffle, if the 20″ wheels of the Rowdy are too small, can instead received $200 credit at Blue Heron Bikes. Not bad for a $2 raffle ticket.


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