Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

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[2014 Event Archive]

We’ve got some really outstanding bikes ready for Saturday. Go over to the Bikes! page to see photos of a very small selection of them. There are just too many to take photos of all of them and post them. You’ll have to come out to the event to see them for yourself.

One of our favorites is a restored Novara Aspen (photo below). It’s a beautiful powder blue color. The bike had been stored outside and was covered in grass and grime when we received it. But it cleaned up very nicely. It has a new chain, new grips, and plush slick tires for comfortable city riding. With a rear rack it’s ready to become a grocery runner, campus bike, or urban commuter. Add fenders and you have an all-year-round ride.

Check out bikes like this one and many others starting Saturday at 10am.

Novara Aspen


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