Work Parties are Over, Down to the Wire

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[2014 Event Archive]

Saturday was our last work party and we knocked out another 12-15 bikes. The inventory of bikes to sell is now upwards of 60. What’s more, we have a great range of bikes. In past years, we’ve either gotten too many kids bikes and not enough adult bikes, or vice versa. This year we have a pretty even split. But we also have a great selection of styles. You’ll find everything from women’s-specific bikes and mixte frames (see the photo below the work party photos for an example of a mixte frame) to cruisers, upright urban commuter bikes, BMX bikes and mountain bikes (full suspension, hard tail, and rigid).

Oh, and did we mention there will be a taco truck? And the “good weather” guarantee? Not to mention the El Cerrito Police Department Bike Patrol will be present, and for the second year we’ll have a pop-up bike park courtesy of Gary Hill.

It’s going to be a great event. See you there…


This is a Raleigh Record “mixte” type of frame. It was pulled out of the landfill and is in bad shape so won’t be ready for this year’s ReCycle. Maybe next year…

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