Harding ReCycle Free Helmet Program

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The Harding ReCycle has been fortunate to receive support from the Community Wellness & Prevention Program (CWPP) of Contra Costa Health Services. As part of CWPP’s Injury Prevention & Physical Activity Promotion Project, we receive a supply of youth and adult bicycle helmets that allow us to give a free helmet to everyone who buys a bike at our event. If supplies last we also give helmet less visitors bringing their own bikes to the event a free helmet.

CWPP also provides us with important safety information that we distribute to participants at the Harding ReCycle. One of the most important pieces of information is how to wear a helmet properly. In case you aren’t able to come to the event to get fitted properly and see a demonstration of how a bicycle helmet should fit, click the link to download a PDF of the CWPP’s “Top-Ten-Bicycle-Safety-Tips-Brochure

For now, here’s a good image and explanation of how a bicycle helmet should fit.

While we’re not able to provide a formal bike safety class as part of the Harding ReCycle, we do emphasize safety and encourage attendees to check out the range of bicycle education and skills classes offered by Bike East Bay.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition also has some great resources, including a Family Biking Guide in multiple languages.

In future posts we’ll share more resources and tips for safe bicycling.


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