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Date set for the 5th Annual Harding ReCycle-Saturday May 2nd 2015

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Start planning for that bike you want to donate and think about the bike you may be looking for. We are already keeping our eye out for donations and planning for the next event.

2014 Harding ReCycle gallery of photos

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Some facts and figures from the 2014 Harding ReCycle:

  • 400+: The estimated number of people that came to Harding Elementary for the ReCycle and Rummage Sale
  • 66: Number of bicycles sold
  • 28: Number of bicycles repaired
  • Priceless: The time and energy of the 30+ volunteers, both moms and dads, that helped the Harding Dad’s Club make the event possible
Here’s a gallery of photos capturing our setup, which began at 8am, and all the goings on of the event itself: bike sales, bike repairs, free helmets, the pop-up bike park, slowest bike race, and more…

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Thank you to everyone who made the 4th Annual Harding ReCycle a Success

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We’ve wrapped up another successful Harding ReCycle and many thank yous are in order. With amazing community support we received donations of nearly 100 bicycles. Roughly 30 different Harding parents, in support of the Harding Dad’s Club, put in many hours getting the bikes ready. These volunteers also arrived early this morning to set up and/or stayed to the end of today’s event to help break down and clean up. We also owe a big thanks to the Injury Prevention & Physical Activity Promotion Project of the Community Wellness & Prevention Program of Contra Costa Health Services. They donate the helmets that we are able to give away free to everyone who needs one. We gave away about 50 helmets today. Finally, we also owe a thanks to Blue Heron Bikes. Although Blue Heron is in Berkeley, Harding is connected to it via the Ohlone Greenway and it very much feels like the kind of  neighborhood bike shop that the bicycling families of the Harding community can rely on. We’ll post some photos from the activities soon.



70+ Bikes ready to roll!

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Wow! We don’t have an exact count yet, but it looks like we will have more than 70 bikes ready to sell starting at 10am tomorrow, May 3, for the 4th Annual Harding ReCycle. Our first year, 2011, we had about 35 bikes and sold them all. The next two years we had somewhere between 40 and 50 and sold all but one or two. The big question is whether there we will have enough people turn out to snap up the 70+ bikes we have this year. As a teaser, here are photos of two that came in just today (thanks to the last minute donors who contributed these bikes!). They add to our fleet of women’s bikes (meaning both traditional diamond-style frames but in small sizes and mixte or step-through frames).

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Raffle Details

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Beginning Thursday morning, May 1, we’ll be selling raffle tickets before and after school outside the Harding gate on Ashbury Ave. Tickets are $2 each. You can also buy tickets on the day of the ReCycle right up until the 12pm drawing.

Here’s Raleigh’s stock image of the bike being raffled, a Raleigh Rowdy (more details below).

This is the exact color of the bike being raffled. It has 20″ wheels and six speeds. It’s a great first bike with gears for a boy or girl between the ages of 4 and 8. Since it has a freewheel cassette, which means that the pedals can spin in the backward direction unlike a bike with a coaster brake, the rider needs to become comfortable with using handbrakes.

Remember, even if you don’t have a rider in your family who is the right size for this bike, buy your raffle tickets and if you win you’ll be able to trade the bike for $200 credit towards the bike of your choice, or other merchandise, at Blue Heron Bikes. And if you already bought one of our refurbished bikes earlier in the day only to win the raffle at noon, we’ll give you your money back on the bike you already bought.

More deliveries, including the raffle bike

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Picked up a nice 20″ wheel Mongoose today. You can barely make it out in the photo below. It’s behind the bright green Raleigh Rowdy. The mongoose is a very nice older kids bike that has some good bike mojo. Good bike mojo is when a bike has been ridden, loved, and enjoyed by more than one rider. This usually means it’s been well maintained and will continue to serve new riders into the future. The 20″ Mongoose will complement the 16″ Mongoose mini Viper donated yesterday. It also has good bike mojo. Four different kids rode it as their first bike without training wheels.

This set up makes a Yakima car rack obsolete for transporting bikes short distances.

It’s next to the Raleigh Rowdy that we’ll be raffling off (buy your raffle tickets before/after school on Thursday and Friday or on the day of the ReCycle). Blue Heron Bikes, a great bike shop specializing in cargo bikes, family bicycling, and youth bikes, helped us out by giving us a great deal on the bike. The winner of the raffle, if the 20″ wheels of the Rowdy are too small, can instead received $200 credit at Blue Heron Bikes. Not bad for a $2 raffle ticket.

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

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We’ve got some really outstanding bikes ready for Saturday. Go over to the Bikes! page to see photos of a very small selection of them. There are just too many to take photos of all of them and post them. You’ll have to come out to the event to see them for yourself.

One of our favorites is a restored Novara Aspen (photo below). It’s a beautiful powder blue color. The bike had been stored outside and was covered in grass and grime when we received it. But it cleaned up very nicely. It has a new chain, new grips, and plush slick tires for comfortable city riding. With a rear rack it’s ready to become a grocery runner, campus bike, or urban commuter. Add fenders and you have an all-year-round ride.

Check out bikes like this one and many others starting Saturday at 10am.

Novara Aspen